About Us


G.O.V Student Loan Service LLC, is a private company comprised of professional individuals that are educated and experienced with helping consumers overcome the challenges of Federal Student Loan Debt.

Our Desire is to help change the lives of as many individuals as possible by providing listening ears and exceptional service to all we encounter. We hold true to the principles of Honesty, Integrity, Commitment and Compassion. Because each professional in our organization are sworn to operate from the foundation of these principles, we can ensure you receive the attention and assistance you deserve.

Our Leadership Core

Bill McKinney

Executive of Business Operations

With over 30 years of experience in Economics, Educational Finance and Technology mixed with a dedicated mission to help both students and former students take advantage of what is available for student loan relief seekers.
Bill McKinney is our executive of business operations because of his passion and personal inspiration of eliminating the burden student debt has on so many Americans. Bill has held positions as CEO, CFO and has founded 3 other organizations geared toward helping low income individuals and communities.

-Bill M

Daniel Morgan

Client Acquisition Coordinator

Daniel Morgan with over 11 years of experience and expertise in the student loan industry, Daniel is recognized as top student loan consultant in the nation. He graduated from the Artistic Academy of Tampa Bay and has an extensive background in educational finance and business development.

-Daniel M

Sally Walziak

Director Marketing & Technology

Sally leads the network’s marketing & technology division, working with our hundreds of partners to make sure clients are able to find help. She previously worked Universities, finance companies and has a masters degree in business management & technology in Washington State.

-Sally W

Lisa Rosario

Client Support Manager

Mrs Rosario is oversees all of our customer care departments. She is supported by 12 years of customer service and administrative leadership experience. She studied at Hillsborough County Community College and currently seeking her bachelors degree in Public Education and Mathematics.

-Lisa R